Founded in 1988, Xibitz is a custom fabricator providing project management, design solutions, engineering, production, and installation services for museums, athletics, higher education, corporate, and healthcare environments on a global scale. Xibitz specializes in the execution of one-of-a-kind spaces by serving our clients and design colleagues as strategic partners, providing the smartest possible resources, utilizing innovation and creativity to help them achieve their goals. 


Interpretive Planning; Content and Narrative Development; Curation and Label Writing; Financial Models; Schedule Creation


Conceptual Design; Detail Design; Graphic Design; Construction Drawings; BIM Integration; Material Research and Specialization

Project Management

Overall Project Management and Leadership; Milestone and Resource Scheduling; Budget Allocation and Cost Estimating; LEED Consultation; Sub-Contract Management

Audio/Visual & Experiential Integration


Proof of Concept Prototyping; Sampling; Engineering; Construction Technique Determination; 3D Modeling; Cost/Benefit Evaluation


Cabinetry and All Types of Custom Wood Production; Finishing/Laminating; Wood Molding/Bending/Shaping; Artifact and Archival Cases

Metal Fabrication & Welding

Aluminum; Steel/ Stainless Steel; Welding - Rolling/Shaping; All Types of Custom Metal Fabrication; Brushing/Polishing; Engraving


Graphic Design/Layout; Graphic Production (digital output & cut vinyl assembly); Graphic Mounting/Laminating/Integration Into Interactive Components; Direct Print


Painting/Staining/Coating All Surface Types; Faux Finishes


Internal Exhibit Wiring; Lighting; Electrical/Electronic Component Integration/ Electro-Mechanical Component Integration; Automation & Coding

Testing and Installation

Exhibit Component Testing; Prototyping/Test Fitting; Onsite Installation and Support