Xibitz is known for achieving excellency in the fabrication of large-scale design exhibitions.

Xibitz partners with architects and designers to produce large-scale design projects around the world. Achieving excellency is at the forefront of our foundation. Some of our in-house capabilities range from concept development, identifying the thematic framework of an exhibition, visitor experience strategy, interpretive planning, and the communication of objectives. Xibitz leads projects with a method of oversight and coordination. Specializing in executing one-of-a-kind, experiential spaces, Xibitz serves clients and design colleagues as strategic partners, providing resources, utilizing innovation and creativity to fulfill their goals. 

We have a proven ability to manage large, complex projects involving many subcontractors. Our strong relationships built with outside sources have guaranteed us the capacity to craft engaging stories successfully. Our team is highly experienced in bringing cultural experiences to life through exhibitions, offering world-class deliverables combined with dynamic, cost-effective strategies. Our team-based, collaborative approach offers you a partner dedicated to providing memorable experiences, creativity, and a strong deeply integrated working relationship. Xibitz has provided the Chicago area with exhibition design and fabrication services since 1988. Our project range includes Corporate, Athletic, Higher Education, Museum, and Healthcare exhibitions. Check out some of our projects below.

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Newell Rubbermaid design fabrication xibitz
AK Rikks Nostaboard Custom Digital Display Xibitz

The Nostaboard is a custom graphic display board, also referred to as a split-flap display. The Nostaboard is an in-person, real-life experience that engages guests and tourists widely. A nostalgic medium that captivates through motion and sound. It delivers a memorable experience through moments captured with an interactive surround, and eyecatching graphics. The Nostaboard is the best alternative to its competitor Vestaboard. The custom graphic display board is built with the highest quality and designed by seasoned engineers. The Nostaboard is built to last. See it to believe it.