We provide custom fabrication to create experiences in dynamic environments for cutting-edge clients.

Xibitz is recognized for the exceptional quality of both our process and fabrication. We relentlessly follow best practices established over our 30+ years of business while remaining innovative and flexible to the unique demands of each Initiative. Guided by well honed methodologies, our teams work together for successful outcomes on every project.

1. Project Management Approach

2. Fabrication Approach

3. Implementation & Installation Approach


Interpretive Planning; Content and Narrative Development; Curation and Label Writing; Financial Models; Schedule Creation


Conceptual Design; Detail Design; Graphic Design; Construction Drawings; BIM Integration; Material Research and Specialization

Project Management

Overall Project Management and Leadership; Milestone and Resource Scheduling; Budget Allocation and Cost Estimating; LEED Consultation; Sub-Contract Management

Our approach is highly collaborative, working with you each step of the way to craft every individual exhibit to your vision and create the best project outcomes. We are very hands-on and involved managers. Working through the steps outlined below, we continuously identify and track critical milestones, maintain consistent communication among all parties, and regularly address issues of schedule and budget to keep your project on track.

Audio/Visual & Experiential Integration

We will coordinate all integrated systems and components work into our builds, insuring serviceable access requirements, applicable cooling and airflow, and proper structures and supports.


Proof of Concept Prototyping; Sampling; Engineering; Construction Technique Determination; 3D Modeling; Cost/Benefit Evaluation

Specific prototyping may be required to uncover any unanticipated production and functional issues, as well as to assess the viability of specific fabrication techniques. We provide material and process samples to the team and provide full scale prototypes where warranted to insure that production progresses with no surprises. When needed, such as in the case of some interactives, we will subject an element to a series of use tests to insure durability, but also functionality and safety. When needed, we invite children to test our products, as they often have a way of showing us something unanticipated.


Cabinetry and All Types of Custom Wood Production; Finishing/Laminating; Wood Molding/Bending/Shaping; Artifact and Archival Cases

Metal Fabrication & Welding

Aluminum; Steel/ Stainless Steel; Welding - Rolling/Shaping; All Types of Custom Metal Fabrication; Brushing/Polishing; Engraving

Xibitz Capabilities design fabrication welding


Graphic Design/Layout; Graphic Production (digital output & cut vinyl assembly); Graphic Mounting/Laminating/Integration Into Interactive Components; Direct Print

Having tested and sampled methods, colors, and materials during the sampling phase of pre- production, graphic production becomes a detailed, but relatively straightforward matter of output, mounting, and labeling for ease of installation. Our shop features in-house direct large substrate printing among other printing processes.


Painting/Staining/Coating All Surface Types; Faux Finishes

All fabricated components are built and finished to specification. We excel at high‐quality and complex fabrication and graphic production using a wide range of materials – woods, metal, glass, and high-end specialty elements – with a focus on maintaining design intent while producing exhibits that will stand up to your visitors


Internal Exhibit Wiring; Lighting; Electrical/Electronic Component Integration/ Electro-Mechanical Component Integration; Automation & Coding

Testing and Installation

Exhibit Component Testing; Prototyping/Test Fitting; Onsite Installation and Support