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What are the size requirements for a custom split-flap display?

Sizing can be adjusted to accommodate each client’s needs. Xibitz’ smallest recommended size is a 4’x4′ display (16 cells).


How many images can I display on
my custom Nostaboard?

Each Nostaboard can display up to 19 images. 

How is the Nostaboard powered?

Powered by any standard wall outlet (100-240V~50/60hZ), the display is controlled by an integrated app that allows end-users to customize the viewer’s experience.

What is included with the display?

Mountain rails
Basic millwork housing
Pre-assembled cells
Cell controllers
Main control computer
Touchscreen interface
Power supplies and all required power and data cables

What is the base price of a custom graphic display board?

Base pricing starts at $1,500/cell, and includes the first set of printed images, up to 11 images, and a 1-year warranty. 

Additional services include custom-built housing, non-standard display transitions, design support, photo manipulation, and installation. Please be advised that any size requested will go through a formal approval and estimation which may lead to price adjustment.  

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