Gilmore Car Museum

Hickory Corners, MI

The Gilmore Car Museum, open to the public since July 31, 1966,  portrays a timeline of rich automobile history and progression with a diverse collection of time-period vehicles throughout their sprawling campus. Xibitz was brought on for the ride, alongside design partner Good Design Group, to create interactive experiences that illustrate the impact of the assembly line on the manufacturing of modern cars. The interactive exhibit allows users to choose parts from buckets to assemble there own mini version of a car,  while racing against the clock that enforces the revolutionary process of the assembly line on automotive production. The newly fashioned cars are then placed on a track to determine which design is the fastest.

The Gilmore Car Museum leaves car enthusiasts and visitors with a sense of pride in the accomplishments of our progressive culture. It inspires hopefulness that future automotive inventions will be even more imaginative than we thought was possible.