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Howard University

A 20-foot tall interactive sculpture of the Howard Bison mascot head that blows steam from its nostrils when activated.

A Fresh Look For Howard University's Practice Facility

Client: Howard University  I  Design: ZEBRADOG  I  Architect: The Beck Group  I  Fabricator: Xibitz

A long, navy blue sign that says "RESPECT THE PAST" along with the university's name and logo of a bison in Howard University's Burr Gymnasium
A door to the Howard gymnasium featuring Howard's bison head logo on a red door, and an illuminated display with an inspiring Nelson Mandela quote about the power of sports printed on the adjacent wall.

Old Gym, New Style

ZEBRADOG led the charge on this bold redesign of Howard University’s 1963 practice facility. Affectionately known as The Burr, this gym is now home to Howard’s DI basketball and volleyball teams. A refresh was sorely needed. Not just to update the old building, but also to celebrate the past and current achievements of these programs.
The Howard Bison logo is painted on a white wall in giant red and blue lettering above two red doors leading out of the gym.

A Little Steam Goes a Long Way

Statement graphics throughout the building celebrate Howard’s spirit in a modern style. Xibitz produced and installed window treatments, vinyl lettering, banners, wall panels, and more. 

The star of the show is the 20-foot-tall Bison head that blows real steam from its nostrils when activated. Despite challenging on-site conditions, we managed to seamlessly lay the components to create the perfect photo-op moment for prospective Bison athletes.

The final result is a celebration of Howard’s legacy and proof of their commitment to their students. It was an honor to contribute on this renovation, and we hope that the new look inspires the next generation of Bison athletes.

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Angel’s Envy Bourbon Club

A Floating Cardinal for University of Louisville Angel’s Envy Bourbon Club

The University of Louisville had two asks. The first: to create a statement piece for the Schnellenberger Football Complex entrance. And the second: redesign the stadium’s Angels’ Envy Bourbon Club to provide a premium experience for guests.

Xibitz crafted the club’s new fantastic centerpiece: a gigantic metal cardinal that hangs elegantly from the ceiling. The welded-aluminum sculpture hammers home the bond between the Club and the Louisville Cardinals.

Xibitz also constructed the 8-foot long metal and copper bands floating around the cardinal, an homage to the barrel staves used to store whiskey and bourbon.

Michigan State Football

Lansing, Michigan

Unveiling the New Michigan State Tom Izzo Football Building

Xibitz partnered with Jack Porter to revamp the Tom Izzo Football Building for the Michigan State Spartans. A program with six national championships needs an awe-inspiring transformation, and Jack Porter delivered. Using Jack Porter’s designs, Xibitz fabricated and installed new display cases, interactive pieces, and more.


A Social Hub

One of the most notable areas is the Nike equipment room. The finished product includes meticulously-crafted custom floating shelves to house Nike gear available for the players use along with a modern lounge space. An interactive LED display invites visitors to personalize their experience by customizing a Spartan jersey. As visitors approach what seems to be a black screen, a motion-activated sensor reveals transparent glass, showcasing MSU’s three distinct jerseys while an LED array highlights the visitor’s personalized selection, immersing them in the team’s identity.


Celebrating Program Achievements

In the corridor leading to the Nike equipment room, our team installed high gloss panels that showcase the players’ accomplishments, emphasizing the rich history and achievements of Spartan football. We also crafted bespoke awards for the National Award Winners Hallway to honor individual achievements. This addition reinforces the culture of excellence within the team.

Upon entering the main foyer, visitors are greeted by a striking LED array mounted on a faceted wall, accompanied by four National Championship awards. These awards, an ingenious and unique design by Jack Porter, serve as a powerful testament to the team’s success.

Our collaboration with Jack Porter and our meticulous attention to detail have transformed the football facility into a space that reflects the legacy of Spartan football—and also fosters a profound sense of pride and connection for players and visitors alike.

Mark and Paula Hurd Welcome Center

Baylor University | Waco, TX

Xibitz worked closely with Populous, RLMG, and Electrosonic to bring the concepts for four interactive pillars to life in the Mark and Paula Hurd Welcome Center grand hall. These 90’ towers are both tapered and tilted featuring programmable lighting. The pillars are named for the theme in which guests discover not only Baylor’s story but also through a personalized experience, considering their own future ahead. 

Upon entering the space guests experience the Reflect Pillar. Stepping inside this infinity, mirrored space with a fully projected ceiling, visitors are encouraged to envision their journey and future at Baylor. Next is the Connect Pillar with a 55’x8’ full HD LED array and directional sound system. A
motion detector starts a countdown and an immersive experience begins as guests stand inside the 360-degree display. The show is a connective ride through the years showcasing key historical events, and linking the visitor with the university and its traditions. Following that is the Aspire Pillar. This is a one-of-a-kind “ribbon” LED array that has an interactive element, where registered visitors can use the Baylor mobile app to scan into the AV experience. This allows the visitor to personalize the experience and see their ambitions running up this pillar, begging to ask the question of how this visitor is Inspired by their personal goals or past Baylor experience. Last is the Amplify Pillar. This has a 7’ hemisphere LED element that hangs overhead representing the globe. Within this pillar, the visitor can watch past alumni who have made significant impacts on the world. When leaving this space guests are motivated and encouraged to make a similar, positive impact on the world like other Baylor alumni.

Check out this video walk-through of the space! 

Celebrating 35 Years of Business!

Xibitz, Inc. is proud to announce the celebration of its 35-year anniversary. Since its inception in 1988, Xibitz has produced thousands of projects worldwide and has been committed to quality and innovation, remaining at the forefront of experiential design fabrication.

Founded by Bob Siebelink, Lloyd Siebelink, and Doug Bosma, Xibitz started with a focus on trade shows and temporary exhibits. The operation outgrew the original facility and moved into its current home on Gezon Parkway in Wyoming. This move allowed Xibitz growth to perform permanent exhibits and branded-design work with some of the largest athletic, healthcare, higher education, and museums in the world. The company was acquired by Ben Metzger and Jeremy Miller in 2015.

“We are extremely grateful to our dedicated employees, loyal customers, and countless partners who have been integral in Xibitz success over the past 35 years,” said Ben Metzger, Principal at Xibitz. “This anniversary marks not only the years of hard work and determination of our team but also the enormous potential that lies ahead as we continue to produce environments that capture the hearts and minds of those who experience them.”

As previously mentioned, Xibitz has created thousands of exhibits over the years and developed the Nostaboard, a split-flap display product. With a commitment to innovation, the Nostaboard was originally conceived for the Chicago Cubs headquarters across from Wrigley Field. After installation, it received interest from professional sports teams to high-end fashion shows in Paris. Blending new technology with nostalgia for old train station displays, it captivates audiences by revealing images and creating an incredible experience for the viewer.

“When Xibitz began, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we’d be where we are today,” said Doug Bosma, Founder. “It’s been the joy of a lifetime to know that in 35 years, we have made a mark on the most recognized brands, and more importantly, that our team in West Michigan is representing our heart and grit through craftsmanship, and showcasing that around the world.”

The most notable projects in Michigan include the Sloan Museum of Discovery (2023), the University of Michigan Natural History Museum (2019), and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum (2015). The largest project completed to date is the Perlan Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland (2017-2018), and the furthest project was completed for the Sydney Swans, in Australia (2023).

Meet Brad Pyle, Welder & Fabricator

What started as a hobby of fixing cars turned into a thriving career for Welder/Fabricator Brad Pyle. Taught by his older brother, Brad was introduced to metal fabrication and welding when he’d help his older brother work on sports cars. His passion for a career in the trades guided him toward a 2-year program at Ivy Tech Community College in Lawrenceburg, IN.

“Xibitz was fortunate to welcome Brad to our team in 2022 where his expertise and craftsmanship played a key role in elevating the execution of our metals department,” said Ben Metzger, Principal at Xibitz. “Since then, he’s been able to lead some of our most recognizable metal fabrication projects. He’s really a team player when it comes to production and we’re lucky to have him at Xibitz.”

One of Brad’s favorite projects is the Louisville Cardinal sculpture that hangs from the ceiling in the Angels MV Bourbon Club. The 25’ long, welded aluminum figure has an origami look and is surrounded by 8’ chunks of wood with metal and copper cladding, portraying barrel staves.

When he’s not working you can find Brad on the golf course, fishing, or cheering on Notre Dame.

Welcome, Tim!

Xibitz is pleased to welcome Tim Sinen, Project Manager, to the team.

“We are delighted to welcome Tim as the newest addition to Xibitz. His extensive experience and expertise as a project manager make him a valuable asset to our organization,” said Mike Clarke, Xibitz’ General Manager. “Our team is excited to work alongside Tim and leverage his skills to continue delivering exceptional results for our clients.”

Tim has nearly 10 years of experience in the custom sign industry in both sales and project management. He is an expert at understanding client’s needs and keeping projects moving forward to ensure timelines are upheld and quality is delivered.

Originally from Alto, MI, Tim graduated from Grand Valley State University and calls Grand Rapids “home”. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors, camping, and capturing Michigan drone photography.

Chamberlain Group Showroom

The CGI Visitor Showroom was designed to complement the unique lens shape of the entry corridor. Three Kiosks mimicking the room’s curvature – spanning floor to ceiling – showcase Chamberlain’s company values through transparent graphics and display screens.

These kiosks were strategically placed to give an unobstructed view to the 50-foot curved niche wall. In the niche you can interact with the current product line showcased on custom, clear acrylic shelves suspended by a stainless-steel rod and clamp system. The niche is backlit giving the display a halo effect. High-gloss modern finishes were chosen throughout – tipping a stylistic nod to the automotive industry.

Tom Fox JA Biztown

Xibitz was proud to provide design/fabrication services at the Tom Fox Family JA Biztown to Independent Bank, Corewell Health – Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Gordon Food Service, and Parkway Electric with the goal of simulating each business environment. Intended for 5th and 6th graders, each business features a branded storefront that embodies the real-life location, providing the students with a simulated business and consumer experience via industry specific interactives inside.

Gordon Food Service simulates a retail and warehouse experience. Featuring a 3-dimensional front facade with GFS branding, the interactive space includes a two-tier checkout counter with a usable trailer and lifelike tractor and cab. A large dimensional “G” captures the brand’s aesthetic, along with full-wall graphics that immerse a visitor in the warehouse experience.

Independent Bank has walk-up windows for children to “deposit” their money along with interactive workstations for bank employees. Incorporating a large-scale vinyl of a bank vault aids in creating a realistic experience. The entry of the space is highlighted by a halo-lit, dimensional, acrylic logo of the Independent Bank eagle.

Helen Devos Children’s Hospital features an examination room enhanced by a wallpaper mural surrounded by ipads with apps that explore fitness and nutrition. The interactive exhibit is further enhanced by a laminated wood pedestal that holds a microscope. In order to achieve the glass exterior appearance of Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, the exterior facade is clad in aluminum composite material.

Huizenga Group engaged Xibitz to design and build a storefront that highlights the functions of one of their companies, Parkway Electric. Inside the space, kids engage with a custom interactive that simulates how electrical wires are installed and connected to plugs. Another interactive experience allows the kids to connect circuits and generate electricity with a hand crank, illustrating how different items like motors or fans are powered. A highlight of the space is a Virtual Reality experience that allows the kids to be fully immersed in different electrical tasks, giving them a better understanding of how different tools and functions are used in the electrical industry.

Xibitz Announces Promotion of Zack McDonnell

Chief Engineer headshot

Xibitz is pleased to announce the promotion of Zack McDonnell to Chief Engineer. He is uniquely positioned for this role given his consistent involvement in complex projects that enter the building. His lifetime commitment to curiosity and his passion for learning has made him a pivotal member of the team.

“Zack has been extremely impactful on our Development/Engineering team, providing valuable insight and problem-solving during all phases of projects,” said Ben Metzger, Principal.

“He is a vivid example of our Xibitz core values of “we think like our clients” and “we figure it out,” by prioritizing quality, while utilizing his knowledge of materials, processes, and products, to create solutions daily.”

Zack has been a part of the Xibitz team for over 7 years. He initially joined us as a CAD Engineer, and later transitioned to the Development team who’s responsible for discovering fabrication solutions on extremely unique builds. In this new role, Zack will continue to leverage his engineering experience and oversee the CAD department, standardizing the approval process, and managing the team’s capacity.