Grand Rapids Art Museum – Creative Learning Center

Grand Rapids, MI

Xibitz’ experience with interactive elements was influential in the success of this project for GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum). The team worked closely with GRAM to design and fabricate five interactive experiences that were unique to the art community and allow people of all ages to be educated by and interact with concepts in the art world.

These elements were designed and created to be durable and flexible, allowing GRAM the ability to continuously use and relocate these interactives in their environment. The space includes five exhibits. The first includes two “make-and-take” tables where the museum can rotate various hands-on interactives to allow visitors to make their own creations and take them home. The second is “Build Like a Sculptor,” where a series of Velcro-wrapped beams and cubes allow visitors to create their own abstract sculptures. The third includes two “Landscape Layers” tables, where visitors can interchange “slides” of disparate landscapes with varying transparency to create unique layered looks. The fourth, “Color Mixing,” includes a trio of spinning cylinders with a variety of color patterns from the CMYK spectrum that encourages visitors to discover how new colors are created. Finally, the “Think Like a Curator” exhibit asks visitors to select both paintings and frames to “curate” their own gallery on a blank, magnetic wall.