Sloan Museum of Discover

Flint, MI

Xibitz partnered with Peter Hyde Design, Blue Telescope and Electrosonic to design and fabricate four galleries for the Sloan Museum of Discovery. This work includes the Discovery Hall, Hagerman Street Early Childhood Gallery, the History Gallery, and the Durant Vehicle Gallery.

Elements of Xibitz’s hands-on installations include an interactive automobile assembly line allowing visitors to participate in the car assembly process. Multiple interactive experiences such as a 3-D Periodic table with a touch-screen kiosk in Sloan’s Discovery Hall gallery. Visitors select which compound they would like to produce and drag the elements into the touch-screen beaker. Then, the periodic table lights-up with all of the elements to produce the final product. Hagerman Street Early Childhood Gallery features an interactive ambulance, with lights, sirens, warning systems and a large flat screen integrated into the design. Also in this space is a 3-story climbing experience in the form of a tree-house with multiple “peek-a-boo” boxes on each floor. The History Gallery features an av system installed by Xibitz that is trigged by a visitor walking onto the “Story Stones” placed along the floor. As guests walk into the gallery, they are taken on a journey through the history of the city, guided by a carpet design representing the Flint River.