Discovery Walls

Northbrook, IL

There’s significant equity in a successful brand. So wherever it is expressed – to customers, employees, shareholders and other constituents – it has to be right. When Astellas Pharma US, Inc., opened its $150 million headquarters for the Americas in the Chicago suburb of Northbrook, company leaders were proud to unveil a unique property that captures Astellas’ vision of “Changing Tomorrow.”

Designed and delivered by a team of top-tier architects, engineers and contractors, the facility meets Astellas’ operational requirements and reflects the company’s brand. In a matter of just months, Xibitz and Kahler Slater collaborated with the client to identify and execute the optimal way to communicate Astellas’ identity, offerings and differentiators.

The solution: A large triptych wallscape, with a center wall describing Astellas’ purpose: to change the lives of people throughout the world. Outer walls describe what Astellas does. A gridded-multi-frame layout showcases individual messages. Each image is printed on the translucent scrim, allowing backlighting to softly illuminate the corridor and enabling updates of image panels when needed.