Chamberlain Group Showroom

The CGI Visitor Showroom was designed to complement the unique lens shape of the entry corridor. Three Kiosks mimicking the room’s curvature – spanning floor to ceiling – showcase Chamberlain’s company values through transparent graphics and display screens.

These kiosks were strategically placed to give an unobstructed view to the 50-foot curved niche wall. In the niche you can interact with the current product line showcased on custom, clear acrylic shelves suspended by a stainless-steel rod and clamp system. The niche is backlit giving the display a halo effect. High-gloss modern finishes were chosen throughout – tipping a stylistic nod to the automotive industry.

Tom Fox JA Biztown

Xibitz was proud to provide design/fabrication services at the Tom Fox Family JA Biztown to Independent Bank, Corewell Health – Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, Gordon Food Service, and Parkway Electric with the goal of simulating each business environment. Intended for 5th and 6th graders, each business features a branded storefront that embodies the real-life location, providing the students with a simulated business and consumer experience via industry specific interactives inside.

Gordon Food Service simulates a retail and warehouse experience. Featuring a 3-dimensional front facade with GFS branding, the interactive space includes a two-tier checkout counter with a usable trailer and lifelike tractor and cab. A large dimensional “G” captures the brand’s aesthetic, along with full-wall graphics that immerse a visitor in the warehouse experience.

Independent Bank has walk-up windows for children to “deposit” their money along with interactive workstations for bank employees. Incorporating a large-scale vinyl of a bank vault aids in creating a realistic experience. The entry of the space is highlighted by a halo-lit, dimensional, acrylic logo of the Independent Bank eagle.

Helen Devos Children’s Hospital features an examination room enhanced by a wallpaper mural surrounded by ipads with apps that explore fitness and nutrition. The interactive exhibit is further enhanced by a laminated wood pedestal that holds a microscope. In order to achieve the glass exterior appearance of Helen Devos Children’s Hospital, the exterior facade is clad in aluminum composite material.

Huizenga Group engaged Xibitz to design and build a storefront that highlights the functions of one of their companies, Parkway Electric. Inside the space, kids engage with a custom interactive that simulates how electrical wires are installed and connected to plugs. Another interactive experience allows the kids to connect circuits and generate electricity with a hand crank, illustrating how different items like motors or fans are powered. A highlight of the space is a Virtual Reality experience that allows the kids to be fully immersed in different electrical tasks, giving them a better understanding of how different tools and functions are used in the electrical industry.

Rotary International

A multi-phased project was completed for Rotary International at its headquarters in Evanston, IL. This collaborative effort between Xibitz, Peter Hyde Design, and Angle Park creates a narrative that speaks to all visitors with intentionality.  

Upon walking up to the building, visitors observe vertical messages developed on vinyl displaying the core values of Rotary. As you enter the building, guests are greeted through the Rotary In Action Portal, a curved, interactive that introduces visitors to the space. The largest component of this project features a large fabricated sphere, representing the Earth. The sphere is best experienced from the interior, with wall graphics that display the people Rotary has impacted through it’s work. The sphere, fabricated from unique materials such as bamboo veneer on flat surfaces and a brushed chem-metal applied to narrower faces. The intended message with the design is meant to inspire visitors to do good in the world.

Bank of America

The Bank of America (BOA) Corporate Center, a focal point of its city’s skyline and lit at night from within, represents stability in its granite-clad base with marble columns at its entrances. While a building’s outer look and feel generally endures changes in its owners’ marketing initiatives and design styles, its interior requires more frequent updates. When BOA rolled out a comprehensive global branding effort at its corporate headquarters, Perkins+Will | Eva Maddox Branded Environments and Xibitz collaborated on crafting design solutions for 26 floors in three buildings.

Elements of the brand were woven into the fabric of the project’s finishes reflecting BOA’s corporate mission. The solutions used a wide variety of materials, including a diverse selection of wood, plastic, glass, graphics and stainless steel applications (all of which were chosen per stringent LEED® certification requirements). The end result is a corporate environment that reflects BOA’s unique brand identity; communicates its market position; and provides an attractive, flexible, employee-focused work environment.

Breakthrough Fuel

 HOK Experience Design and Xibitz combined their efforts to create an inspiring new space for Breakthrough Fuel’s new corporate headquarters in Madison, WI. A unique feature of this space is a logo wall, which contains polished acrylic blocks that are laser etched with client-logos and internally illuminated. Behind these blocks you can see an overarching image of an interstate, capturing the brand focus of shipping, fuel management and mapping. Each block is interchangeable and updatable.Also notable to the space is a values wall which is made up of textural shipping containers that carry Breakthrough’s core value statements. The core values are embedded into the wall within illuminated niches. The library space is designed in brand-colored books and shelving. The conference board room contains the Breakthrough logo with mirrored bronzed edges that reflect the warmth of the wood surrounding the text.


Xibitz proudly partnered with Perkins & Will in an endeavor to design and fabricate a truly impressive space for the fourteenth and fifteenth floors of the Truist building in Charlotte, North Carolina. A two-story sculpture inspired by the Southern Live Oak can be seen from the bustling downtown streets of Charlotte. The sculpture is being called the Truist Tree.

Using a combination of millwork at the bottom, culminating with a digital expression as its canopy, the tree was crafted as an abstract piece. This installation consists of a series of different-sized boxes, both enclosed and open frames, which were further animated with LED programmable lighting. This lighting allows the ambiance of the tree to shift through multiple scenes throughout the day, week or year. The tree was incorporated into an existing open office park area utilized for impromptu meetings, where workers can overlook the Charlotte skyline and feel inspired by the artistic atmosphere. 

Designer: Perkins&Will / 2021 Halkin Mason Photography LLC

Waste Management

Houston Headquarters

Houston, TX

It was a pleasure working alongside Perkins&Will to create a new headquarters for Waste Management in Houston, Texas, a facility designed with a blend of originality and ingenuity in mind. This award-winning project involved the fabrication and installation of brand elements across a total of 8 floors. Wood veneer screens were used in the elevator lobbies, along with glass-on graphics that followed the angle of the WM logo. Banquette café seating was designed with graphic wood veneer triangles. The refreshment areas were designed with a recycling emphasis in mind. Here you can find recycled aluminum and rubber tile walls, repurposed, brand-colored bottles, in addition to recycled plastic drink containers. 

A prominent feature of the space is a 16 by 128-foot living green wall that spans the stairwell walls on all eight floors. An aluminum screen, powder-coated with a Waste Management brand aesthetic, encloses the vegetation.

The reception floor contains wood veneer panels set at brand-specific angles, to create a tunnel that helps tell the Waste Management story through an immersive experience. Xibitz was instrumental in creating the Peter Built cab and a screen enclosing an autonomous simulation of a landfill loader. In celebration of the Phoenix Open, the WM logo was showcased out of golf balls. Adjacently, you can find a rug in the shape of a golf green, with pedestals and inset screens to further portray the story of WM’s relationship with the Phoenix Open. 

Designer: Perkins&Will / Photography: Peter Molick

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Lippert Components

Corporate Offices

LCI desired one of a kind, experiential displays to communicate their history and company values to employees and visitors within their new corporate office. Xibitz presented a turnkey proposal that included the design fee for HOK as well as the fabrication and installation of displays for the office space. The project was completed in concert with Tango Design and Majority.

Xibitz was the lead on the turnkey, design-build project and oversaw the contract management and overall project from design to installation. The teams worked together to provide design solutions and innovative display methodology including dynamic edge-lit and backlit direct printed graphics applied to glass and mounted in a shiplap style through a long hallway in the new office space. The graphics were various photos of Lippert parts on different types of vehicles starting on the East Coast and ending on the West Coast.

General Electric

GE Innovation Centre

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The first of its kind for GE in North America, the GE Innovation Centre in Calgary leverages the company’s global expertise, industrial breadth, and technology to address challenges across the energy, healthcare, transportation and finance sectors.

To provide workspaces with access to state-of-the-art technology, focused on commercial innovation, GE asked Hornall Anderson to craft a narrative framework and experience strategy that would inform the Centre’s design and operationalization. The result was a plan filled with cutting-edge digital tools to facilitate energy-industry-redefining collaboration.

Once the vision was solidified, Hornall Anderson worked with Gensler architects through the design of the space and collaborated with Xibitz on crafting all the major environmental interactive installations and content experiences. Specifically, Xibitz produced and installed design elements and environmental graphics with rich design aesthetics and high-end materials – including The Voices of Canada Interactive Display Table which integrates three 32-inch touch screens.

Snap On

Corporate Headquarters

Kenosha, WI

Set in a 25,000-square-foot factory space reclaimed for training and events, the museum showcases more than 500 artifacts, including a Ford Model T – which, when mass-produced with completely interchangeable parts, set a new standard for efficient and rational manufacturing, and Snap-on adapted them as mobile sales vehicles. Also featured are the company’s “5 does the work of 50” tool kit, with which Snap-on established socket tools as the industry standard for fitting interchangeable auto parts; information about the company’s family of brands sold around the world; a 150-foot timeline display; and custom mobile toolboxes that allow reconfiguration for varied audiences.