Brookfield, WI 

Design group, Kahler Slater, engaged Xibitz to produce and install branding elements and a suspended sculpture for the Brookfield Conference Center. Peter Ogden, Senior Environmental Brand Designer for Kahler Slater, stated, ““The working concept for the sculpture references the notion of migration—a nod to the great blue heron rookery in Brookfield—consisting of organic forms of a few varying sizes suspended above.” Xibitz solutioned the hanging mechanism and coordinated with the ceiling contractor, visiting the site prior to production to map the location of each hanging point to ensure the install matched the design intent. Several samples were produced for the design team showing various metal shapes, sizes, finishes, and hardware options to assist Kahler Slater in deciding the right look and feel for the sculpture. Thought and care went into developing the hanging points to make sure each “bird” remained level and hung in just the right way.

The end result consists of shapes in “flight” in a combination of metallic finishes both natural and painted suspended from the ceiling with stainless steel cables. The stunning sculpture hangs in the atrium of the new Community Center as if the herons were in natural flight.

The Community Wall is produced from layered MDF and aluminum with map details etched and infilled on the face of the aluminum. A combination of digital photo frames and direct printed photo panels in various thicknesses and sizes are installed in a collage over the background. Other elements included a dimensional logo, digitally printed acrylic panel describing the work on the sculpture as well as an engraved aluminum plaque consisting of building credits for the project.