University of Tennessee Research Association

Solar Educational Exhibit 

Knoxville, Tennessee

Creating an educational exhibit that will engage multiple audiences requires a team that can leverage its combined strengths imaginatively and effectively. Perkins&Will Branded Environments and Xibitz employed a collaborative design/build approach to develop this new immersive and interactive exhibit. Working with The University of Tennessee Research Foundation (UTRF), in conjunction with its West Tennessee Solar Farm project, the team developed solutions to educate and resonate with diverse audiences, from 4-H groups to solar-value-chain industry leaders to city/county government and more. 

The combined result is SPECTRUM, a unique experience that will teach visitors about the past, present and future of solar power in Tennessee, and which makes complex concepts fun through attention-grabbing graphics, dynamic use of scale and creative interactive technologies. Relying on light as a narration device, the exhibit is designed to engage users upon arrival and spark a sense of discovery in the building’s Welcome Center.The exhibit also has a mobile element to be used at tradeshows, educational venues and public events to promote the UTRF brand and solar power industry.