Empire State Building

Sustainability Exhibit

New York, NY

Ever since its completion in 1931, the Empire State Building has been one of New York’s most beloved, and one of America’s favorite icons. When its owners invested in an unprecedented retrofit to dramatically decrease the building’s energy usage, the project was worthy of news – and of a new way to educate its visitors about the positive global impact of both energy-efficient and sustainable living practices.

To bring the landmark’s energy retrofit program to life, Seattle-based design firm Hornall Anderson created an engaging experience that translates the technicalities into an easy-to-understand, compelling experience in the Observatories’ Visitors’ Center. Hornall Anderson enlisted Xibitz as its partner to combine physical components with impressive technology, and seamlessly integrate digital and sculptural elements to produce interactive exhibits.

A one-of-a-kind, narrative-driven experience blends digital media and museum-quality exhibits to communicate this monumental achievement, while inviting visitors to replicate the energy-saving measures to reduce their own carbon footprint. Through an artful combination of analog and digital storytelling, highly technical content is presented in a way that is instantly digestible for a large international audience. Granite, custom-matched to the Empire State Building’s existing interior, glass, vinyl applied graphics, video, color, and dynamic lighting all help deliver the project’s objectives. In addition, a downloadable mobile application program gives visitors the option to retrieve more information following their visit.