George Mason University

Horizon Hall

Fairfax, VA

As part of a collaborative effort, Perkins&Will and Xibitz created an exclusive space for George Mason University (GMU). This project incorporated three key elements that resulted in a successful fusion of tradition and innovation. Using a printed pattern design, the first component consists of multiple stories of wallpaper that change color on every floor. The second component further captures the expression and culture of GMU. In what is known as the World Wall, a map of the world is framed with acrylic fins which are covered with cut vinyl. GMU’s mission statement is incorporated in each of the languages spoken at the University, thereby illustrating GMU’s core institutional characteristic of being culturally diverse. In addition, light passes through the vinyl and light casts the words in between the fins. The map is inverted to force the question of “whose perspective is right?” The third component is a two-story, wood veneer wall behind which Xibitz placed a 13-foot by 17-foot digital screen. In front of the screen, veneer panels were created so that they are concealed behind the wood. When the lights are off, it looks like a wall. With light, two excerpts from literature are displayed. It is intended that both excerpts be read simultaneously in order to stimulate the question – Does the second text alter or enhance the meaning of the first?