Michigan State Football

Lansing, Michigan

Unveiling the New Michigan State Tom Izzo Football Building

Xibitz partnered with Jack Porter to revamp the Tom Izzo Football Building for the Michigan State Spartans. A program with six national championships needs an awe-inspiring transformation, and Jack Porter delivered. Using Jack Porter’s designs, Xibitz fabricated and installed new display cases, interactive pieces, and more.


A Social Hub

One of the most notable areas is the Nike equipment room. The finished product includes meticulously-crafted custom floating shelves to house Nike gear available for the players use along with a modern lounge space. An interactive LED display invites visitors to personalize their experience by customizing a Spartan jersey. As visitors approach what seems to be a black screen, a motion-activated sensor reveals transparent glass, showcasing MSU’s three distinct jerseys while an LED array highlights the visitor’s personalized selection, immersing them in the team’s identity.


Celebrating Program Achievements

In the corridor leading to the Nike equipment room, our team installed high gloss panels that showcase the players’ accomplishments, emphasizing the rich history and achievements of Spartan football. We also crafted bespoke awards for the National Award Winners Hallway to honor individual achievements. This addition reinforces the culture of excellence within the team.

Upon entering the main foyer, visitors are greeted by a striking LED array mounted on a faceted wall, accompanied by four National Championship awards. These awards, an ingenious and unique design by Jack Porter, serve as a powerful testament to the team’s success.

Our collaboration with Jack Porter and our meticulous attention to detail have transformed the football facility into a space that reflects the legacy of Spartan football—and also fosters a profound sense of pride and connection for players and visitors alike.