Northwestern Mutual

Experience Center

Milwaukee, WI

The Experience Center found on the first floor of the newly renovated Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons was prefaced as the single most important part of the $450 million project. The space illustrates the rich history of Northwestern Mutual and represents a broader shift in the culture of the company to one that is focused on being a leader of the broader community. This approximately 11,000 square foot space consists of many large environmental graphics, artifact cases, and multiple interactive experiences and is frequented by staff, visitors and even used for community events. 

Custom conservation-grade cases dive into the history of NWM, displaying historical documents, artifacts, and scale models highlighting their rich 160 years. Multiple interactive elements offer detailed information on how NWM continues to serve their customers. One standout piece is the 360-degree circle theater floating 10 feet off the ground – immersing visitors in the Northwestern Mutual brand.