Center for Optimal Health

Buena Park, CA

The Nutrilite Health Institute is a worldwide collaboration of experts who are dedicated to helping people achieve optimal health – through research, education and practical, personalized solutions. To this end, the company’s Center for Optimal Health is a world-class teaching and training facility, comprised of 33,000 square feet spread over two floors, providing the personal, interactive Nutrilite Experience.

To create such a personalized, experiential and comprehensive health assessment and educational opportunity, Xibitz worked with London’s LIVE to help the makers of NUTRILITE achieve their goals. The result: Visitors marvel at a two-story rotating DNA sculpture and browse through educational works of art as they learn strategies for achieving optimal health. They also engage with an informative, customized experience highlighting their own health and wellness; NUTRILITE™ products and the organic farming practices, cutting-edge research, and processing methods that go into their development and manufacture; and the possibilities of marketing and merchandising NUTRILITE™ products.