Seattle Children’s Hospital

Donor Wall

Seattle, WA

Consistently ranked as one of the top children’s hospitals in the world, Seattle Children’s Hospital provides outpatient and inpatient treatment to children throughout the northwest United States. Their dedication to transforming children’s health comes at a cost, and could not be achieved without the generous donations from the community. When Seattle Children’s Hospital decided to create an engaging and distinctive donor wall in their Emergency Department they approached Xibitz.

The hospital’s donors believe that change is the result of stepwise progress, of attacking a series of challenges with a goal in mind and a mission in your heart. When we change the world for one child, we change the whole world, one donation at a time. It was this mindset that inspired a pebbled donor wall. Each pebble and stone, when combined, can create a path forward. Xibitz designed and manufactured hundreds of rocks to display donor names, as well as the undulating wall on which they are mounted. Integrated lighting illuminates the wall and mimics a flowing river. These elements create a sense of impact and they reinforce the collective sentiment of the village of donors and their passion for the community.

xibitz Seattle children's hospital exhibition design fabrication
xibitz Seattle children's hospital exhibition design fabrication

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