UW Health – Living Donor Recognition Wall

Madison, WI

Since completing its first kidney transplant in 1966, the UW Health Transplant Center is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected organ donation and transplant programs in the country. UW Health’s goal with the new facility was to create a better experience for those involved in the organ transplantation process as well as honor donors for their life-saving decisions. Xibitz was fortunate to help bring this special recognition feature to life after being retained by the Experiential Design firm ZEBRADOG in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Living Donor Recognition Experience is a series of light boxes constructed of wood and acrylic, with donor names printed on glass discs throughout the wall. Each disc is covered with a Corian surround attached with magnets and is easy to remove for updating. On the back side of the wall is a digital media experience, also designed by ZEBRADOG, to showcase individual donor stories and a full listing of all donors to date. The bright, captivating wall is in a prominent location to attract visitors and inspire future organ donors, creating awareness around the gifts of life and healing while honoring life-saving heroes.

Crimson Sun Studios
Crimson Sun Studios

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