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Celebrating 35 Years of Business!

Xibitz, Inc. is proud to announce the celebration of its 35-year anniversary. Since its inception in 1988, Xibitz has produced thousands of projects worldwide and has been committed to quality and innovation, remaining at the forefront of experiential design fabrication.

Founded by Bob Siebelink, Lloyd Siebelink, and Doug Bosma, Xibitz started with a focus on trade shows and temporary exhibits. The operation outgrew the original facility and moved into its current home on Gezon Parkway in Wyoming. This move allowed Xibitz growth to perform permanent exhibits and branded-design work with some of the largest athletic, healthcare, higher education, and museums in the world. The company was acquired by Ben Metzger and Jeremy Miller in 2015.

“We are extremely grateful to our dedicated employees, loyal customers, and countless partners who have been integral in Xibitz success over the past 35 years,” said Ben Metzger, Principal at Xibitz. “This anniversary marks not only the years of hard work and determination of our team but also the enormous potential that lies ahead as we continue to produce environments that capture the hearts and minds of those who experience them.”

As previously mentioned, Xibitz has created thousands of exhibits over the years and developed the Nostaboard, a split-flap display product. With a commitment to innovation, the Nostaboard was originally conceived for the Chicago Cubs headquarters across from Wrigley Field. After installation, it received interest from professional sports teams to high-end fashion shows in Paris. Blending new technology with nostalgia for old train station displays, it captivates audiences by revealing images and creating an incredible experience for the viewer.

“When Xibitz began, never in our wildest dreams did we imagine we’d be where we are today,” said Doug Bosma, Founder. “It’s been the joy of a lifetime to know that in 35 years, we have made a mark on the most recognized brands, and more importantly, that our team in West Michigan is representing our heart and grit through craftsmanship, and showcasing that around the world.”

The most notable projects in Michigan include the Sloan Museum of Discovery (2023), the University of Michigan Natural History Museum (2019), and the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum (2015). The largest project completed to date is the Perlan Museum in Reykjavík, Iceland (2017-2018), and the furthest project was completed for the Sydney Swans, in Australia (2023).

Final exhibit features installed at Flint Museum

FLINT — Wyoming-based architectural fabricator Xibitz Inc. has been working in partnership with Sloan Museum of Discovery over the last three years to bring the museum’s brand-new exhibits to life, with the final piece being installed last week. This work includes the Discovery Hall Gallery, Hagerman Street Early Childhood Gallery, the History Gallery and the Durant Vehicle Galler


A final piece of the installation included an interactive automobile assembly line showcasing the deep history of the auto industry and allowing visitors to participate in the car assembly process. Installing this piece marks the end of a multi-year journey in enhancing the museum’s exhibits that tell the story and history of the city of Flint.

“Xibitz was honored to be selected as the trusted partner for the museum,” said Ben Metzger, principal at Xibitz. “It has been an incredible journey to watch this project develop from ideas and concepts to complete galleries that tell the story of Flint in ways for the whole family to enjoy.”

Other elements of Xibitz’ hands-on installations include multiple interactive experiences such as the 3-D Periodic table with a touchscreen kiosk in Sloan’s Discovery Hall Gallery. Visitors select which compound they would like to produce and drag the elements into the touch-screen beaker. Upon adding all elements, the periodic table lights-up with all of the elements to produce the final product.

Hagerman Street Early Childhood Gallery features an interactive ambulance, with lights, sirens, warning systems and a large flat screen integrated into the design. Also in this space is a three-story climbing experience in the form of a treehouse with multiple “peek-a-boo” boxes on each floor. The Market uses AV-integration to accomplish an interactive shopping experience that allows visitors to select different drinks.

The History Gallery features an AV system installed by Xibitz that is triggered by a visitor walking onto the “Story Stones” placed along the floor. As guests walk into the gallery, they are taken on a journey through the history of the city, guided by a carpet design representing the Flint River.

“The teamwork and support Xibitz provided to bring our vision to life was phenomenal,” said Amy Walker, exhibit coordinator at Sloan Museum of Discovery. “Xibitz brought 100 percent to the Sloan Museum of Discovery project, and I look forward to creating future projects together.”

Xibitz partnered with Cambridge Seven, Peter Hyde Design, Blue Telescope, and Electrosonic to design and fabricate the new galleries at the Sloan Museum of Discovery. — B.G