Xibitz proudly partnered with Perkins & Will in an endeavor to design and fabricate a truly impressive space for the fourteenth and fifteenth floors of the Truist building in Charlotte, North Carolina. A two-story sculpture inspired by the Southern Live Oak can be seen from the bustling downtown streets of Charlotte. The sculpture is being called the Truist Tree.

Using a combination of millwork at the bottom, culminating with a digital expression as its canopy, the tree was crafted as an abstract piece. This installation consists of a series of different-sized boxes, both enclosed and open frames, which were further animated with LED programmable lighting. This lighting allows the ambiance of the tree to shift through multiple scenes throughout the day, week or year. The tree was incorporated into an existing open office park area utilized for impromptu meetings, where workers can overlook the Charlotte skyline and feel inspired by the artistic atmosphere. 

Designer: Perkins&Will / 2021 Halkin Mason Photography LLC