University of Louisville

Schnellenberger Football Complex | Cardinal Sculpture 

Louisville, KY

When Jack Porter redesigned the University of Louisville’s Schnellenberger Football Complex entrance, they turned to Xibitz to fabricate a bold and inventive experience. Inspired by the school’s mascot, Louie the Cardinal, a massive wall treatment reminiscent of a bird’s wings was assembled in the lobby.

Measuring 29 feet high, each wing spans two walls for a total of 54 feet each. 64 feathers create the sculpture and combined, weigh nearly 4,600 pounds, the heaviest weighing 252 pounds. The sculpture is made primarily of ACM, an aluminum-clad material of thin sheets of brushed aluminum cladding on a composite material. Built around existing fire suppression controls, heating/cooling vents, environmental controls, and an ID scanner, the sculpture was successfully installed without detracting from the overall look of the project. The result is a cutting edge, sleek, and powerful entrance to the university’s football building.

The Angels MV Bourbon Club in Louisville, Kentucky, features a new centerpiece in the form of a a large cardinal sculpture suspended from the ceiling. This newly designed focal point for the space demonstrates the tie between the Bourbon club and the Louisville Cardinals. Created with welded aluminum and a carefully engineered structure, this geometric bird dominates the space. Also observed are 8ft chucks of wood with metal and copper color clading portraying barrel staves surrounding the cardinal.