University of North Texas

University Union

Denton, TX

Brand elements were designed, produced and installed over 3 floors of the Union building and consist of various graphics that combine materials such as direct printed custom wallpaper, cut vinyl, 3-Dimensional graphic boxes, and 3-Dimensional text. World Map display is formed with hundreds of 1/2” custom, brand-colored pegs. History moments are depicted on direct printed stainless steel text and combine push through dimensional text to create a dynamic display. The showcase of the project is the Hanging Sculpture that dimensionally communicates the core values of the university in a cascading letter sculpture. The 20’ long, 6’ deep, 14’ high sculpture begins at the ceiling line of the third floor and finishes below the ceiling line on the second floor. 12,000 individual 1/2” and 3/4” thick acrylic letters are suspended from the ceiling on over 1500 1/32” diameter stainless steel cables. The letters are attached with hidden crimps and are installed sparsely at the top of the sculpture, appearing to fall from the ceiling, coming together in greater density at the bottom to form words.