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Chamberlain Group Showroom

The CGI Visitor Showroom was designed to complement the unique lens shape of the entry corridor. Three Kiosks mimicking the room’s curvature – spanning floor to ceiling – showcase Chamberlain’s company values through transparent graphics and display screens.

These kiosks were strategically placed to give an unobstructed view to the 50-foot curved niche wall. In the niche you can interact with the current product line showcased on custom, clear acrylic shelves suspended by a stainless-steel rod and clamp system. The niche is backlit giving the display a halo effect. High-gloss modern finishes were chosen throughout – tipping a stylistic nod to the automotive industry.

Rotary International

A multi-phased project was completed for Rotary International at its headquarters in Evanston, IL. This collaborative effort between Xibitz, Peter Hyde Design, and Angle Park creates a narrative that speaks to all visitors with intentionality.  

Upon walking up to the building, visitors observe vertical messages developed on vinyl displaying the core values of Rotary. As you enter the building, guests are greeted through the Rotary In Action Portal, a curved, interactive that introduces visitors to the space. The largest component of this project features a large fabricated sphere, representing the Earth. The sphere is best experienced from the interior, with wall graphics that display the people Rotary has impacted through it’s work. The sphere, fabricated from unique materials such as bamboo veneer on flat surfaces and a brushed chem-metal applied to narrower faces. The intended message with the design is meant to inspire visitors to do good in the world.

Bank of America

The Bank of America (BOA) Corporate Center, a focal point of its city’s skyline and lit at night from within, represents stability in its granite-clad base with marble columns at its entrances. While a building’s outer look and feel generally endures changes in its owners’ marketing initiatives and design styles, its interior requires more frequent updates. When BOA rolled out a comprehensive global branding effort at its corporate headquarters, Perkins+Will | Eva Maddox Branded Environments and Xibitz collaborated on crafting design solutions for 26 floors in three buildings.

Elements of the brand were woven into the fabric of the project’s finishes reflecting BOA’s corporate mission. The solutions used a wide variety of materials, including a diverse selection of wood, plastic, glass, graphics and stainless steel applications (all of which were chosen per stringent LEED® certification requirements). The end result is a corporate environment that reflects BOA’s unique brand identity; communicates its market position; and provides an attractive, flexible, employee-focused work environment.

UW Health – Living Donor Recognition Wall

Madison, WI

Since completing its first kidney transplant in 1966, the UW Health Transplant Center is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected organ donation and transplant programs in the country. UW Health’s goal with the new facility was to create a better experience for those involved in the organ transplantation process as well as honor donors for their life-saving decisions. Xibitz was fortunate to help bring this special recognition feature to life after being retained by the Experiential Design firm ZEBRADOG in Madison, Wisconsin.

The Living Donor Recognition Experience is a series of light boxes constructed of wood and acrylic, with donor names printed on glass discs throughout the wall. Each disc is covered with a Corian surround attached with magnets and is easy to remove for updating. On the back side of the wall is a digital media experience, also designed by ZEBRADOG, to showcase individual donor stories and a full listing of all donors to date. The bright, captivating wall is in a prominent location to attract visitors and inspire future organ donors, creating awareness around the gifts of life and healing while honoring life-saving heroes.

Crimson Sun Studios
Crimson Sun Studios

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